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These menus were created to meet the requirements set forth by the State of Wisconsin.  The biggest change is that anything not wrapped has to be served by an employee of Bunzel’s.  This of course increases the amount of labor required at each event.

Here is the complete guide here:

Wisconsin Guidance for Food Service

So you are the lucky one planning on your golf outing? We we are here to help. Bunzel’s has teamed up with Ironwood to bring you some tantalizing food options to satisfy everyone in your party. Every year we meet with Mike Lehman at Ironwood to discuss the menus for the upcoming season. This year we have a few new twists on our most popular menu – All Day Affair.  Click on one of our menus below to see if something catches your eye. To book an event please send us an email to or give us a call at 414-873-7960.  We would be happy to answer any of your questions.  Thanks for your considering Bunzel’s.

All Day Affair Buffet with a Plated Slider and Appetizer Buffet for dinner

Your guests will appreciate the variety with this menu featuring 3 stations for dinner. No one can complain about going home hungry with this choice.

Click here to print the PDF

All Day Affair Buffet with a Mexican twist

The most economical version of the very popular All Day Affair menu. And since everyone loves tacos this is sure to be an instant favorite.

Click here to print the PDF

All Day Affair Buffet with a Mediterranean Dinner

Did ever want to golf in the Mediterranean? Well since we brought it up just maybe – This menu will help you get here. A great choice.

Click here to print the PDF

All Day Affair with Plated Deluxe Slider 3 Station Buffet

Looking to make an impression on your guests? – This is the one!

Click here to print the PDF

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