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Bunzel’s General Catering Guidelines

The following guidelines apply unless otherwise stated on your invoice.
Pig Cooking Instructions are included near the bottom of the page.

General Catering Details

Tables – If you are requesting delivery or staffed serve we assume that the venue will have buffet tables for the food that we bring to set-up. If the venue does not have tables please mention this when placing the order.

Tableware – All of our set menus include plates, forks, knives and napkins. Depending on the menu some include foam plates and plasticware while others might include upscale plastic plates and metal flatware. There may be options to upgrade your tableware – please ask a Bunzel employee.

Table Coverings – For events that we stay and serve we will bring linen tablecloths for the buffet tables. Additional linen tablecloths are available for guest tables and other tables if needed for rental at $7 each. We offer 2 sizes (114” x 52”) for banquet style tables and (90” x 90”) for square and round tables both are available in white or black.

Carryout Orders

When placing an order always provide us with a name, phone number, and the earliest you would need your food items ready. Bunzel’s always recommends cooked items are picked up cold and reheated at your location to ensure the highest quality. If you will be serving food within 15 minutes of pick up, please let us know that your order needs to be hot when picked up at the time of placement. Hot orders are subject to availability.

Please note: in some cases Bunzel’s may not have oven space available for hot pick-ups. In such a case, you will be notified.

Most carryout orders do not require a deposit. If an order is subject to special needs or special inventory you may be asked to provide a deposit. Please refer to this chart for payment information:  Payment and Guest Count Chart

How much to order?  Click here for this handy guide –
Click for this handy guide

Delivery Services & Costs

Bunzel’s offers delivery and set up services dependent on availability of your chosen event date. We book on a first come, first serve basis. Minimum of 48 hours’ notice required for any delivery and set up service. A deposit is required. Please refer to this chart for deposit information:  Deposit and Guest Count Chart

Serving Equipment – For deliveries you have a choice of foil pans for your hot items or returnable chafing units. The chafing units will help keep your food warm for up to 2 hours. The returnable chafing units cost $10 per chafing unit for rental. Depending on your guest count you may need 1 chafing unit per hot item. All staffed events include any necessary serving equipment unless other arrangements were made with Bunzel’s staff when placing your order.

Local Deliveries (within 40 minute drive) during Bunzel’s business hours:
Do not require chafing units (warming pans) start at $30. Require chafing units (warming pans) start at $40 plus the cost of the chafing unit rentals (determined on the number of hot items to be served).

Local Deliveries (within 40 minute drive) after Bunzel’s business hours:
If we have staff available after hours the delivery and set-up fees start at $100. Exact fees are based on distance, so please ask Bunzel’s catering personnel for more details. Set up includes bringing the ordered items to your designated table and unwrapping, if desired. We do not serve the food, set up only. Serving options can be found under Staffed Events.

Click for the delivery fees

Note: For non-local deliveries (greater than a 40 minute drive of Bunzel’s location) or after hours please ask a Bunzel employee what the cost would be for the delivery. All equipment used on-site at your event needs to be cleaned and returned to Bunzel’s by the end of the next business day to avoid cleaning charges or late fees. Bunzel’s can return and pick up equipment for a fee starting at $40. This would need to be arranged prior to delivery and subect to availability.

How much to order?  Click here for this handy guide –
Click for this handy guide

Staffed Events

If you’re looking for assistance at your event, here are some ways Bunzel’s staff could assist (some examples of staffing that incurs serving charges):

Provide staff to stay and serve entrees/meals and clean up the buffet area. Staff to set table settings and clear place settings. Seasonal onsite grilling may be available.

Staffing Costs:
Note: Most events require a minimum of 2 staff members for a minimum of 5 hours each. Staffing is priced at $25.00 per hour, per staff member ($125 charge for 1 staff member @ $25/hour x 5 hours).

Breakdown of Staffing Costs:
Each event requires a minimum of 5 staff hours which includes:

1 hour of serving time, 4 hours to load your party at Bunzel’s, drive time to your location, buffet set up, buffet tear down, drive time back to Bunzel’s and unloading your party.

Every invoice for a staffed event is subject to 17% service charge, this is not a tip/gratuity for the staff. It is up to your discretion if you’d like to add a tip for the serving staff.

Guest Counts

Please refer to this chart:  Guest Count Chart

Deposits and Payments

Deposits can be paid by credit card online, or by check, cash, credit card in person or by credit card over the phone or by mailing a check.

Please refer to this chart for the amounts and deadlines:  Deposits and Payment Chart

Deposit and Payment / Refund Policy

All deposits are refundable in the form of a gift certificate if an order is cancelled up to 4 weeks prior to the event. Refunds for cancellations within 4 weeks are non-refundable.

Leftover Food

Per Bunzel’s Catering policy and the policy of the State of Wisconsin Health Department, no left over food is permitted to be leave the premises following an event.  This is an effort to safeguard against improper food storage by guests and food safety concerns.  All food product brought by Bunzel’s Catering and served during the event becomes the property of Bunzel’s Catering.

Pig Roast Instructions

For planning a Do-it-Yourself Pig Roast, plan on:

About 4 to 6 hours to cook a 20 to 50 lb pig
About 6 to 8 hours to cook a 50 to 80 lb pig

Please note – Cooking time can vary quite a bit depending on the amount of wind. It’s recommended to use a meat thermometer to be sure your pig is properly cooked. If the thermometer reaches 175° between the shoulder and the neck, you’re done. Plus, you’ll need plenty of charcoal – plan on using up to 80 lbs.

View the Rotisserie Instructions Guide PDF

Equipment Rental

If you need to use our equipment to make your event a success, please let us know at the time of order. Chafing pans are available for $10.00 per chafer. Rotisseries are only rentable if you purchase the pig, lamb, or chickens from us and the cost is $35.00 per day per spit rental. A major Credit Card is required for rentals. All rented/borrowed equipment is due back clean the next business day to avoid additional charges.

Equipment Rental (Weddings/Formal Events)

If your staffed event requires linens and/or upscale tableware we do offer the following:

Table Linens 52”x114” (Black or White) — $7.00 ea.
Table Linens 90”x90” (Black or White)  — $7.00 ea.
Table Linens 52”x52” (Black or White)  — $7.00 ea.
Linen napkins (Many different colors) — $ .65 ea.
Table skirting (White Only) — $20.00 ea.

(Most menus do include plates, forks, knives and napkins – Tableware can be added on or changed for any order)

Styrofoam dinner plates, heavyweight plastic forks, knives, and paper napkins — $.50 per person
Styrofoam appetizer or dessert plates, heavyweight plastic forks or toothpicks, and paper napkins — $.40 per person
Metal Fork or Knife — $ .50 ea.
Upscale White Hard Plastic Plates Dinner — $ 1.00 ea.
Upscale Plastic Appetizer / Salad / Dessert — $ .75 ea.
Dinner Plate + Metal fork and knife — $2.00 ea.
Water Glass — $1.50 ea.

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