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Our focus is on flavor…big, bold spicy and smoky.

At Bunzel’s Meat Market and Milwaukee Grocery, we want you to be able to stop in and get what you need to complete your meal. Beyond our homemade and hand crafted meats, sausages, chicken, pork, smoked meats and more, we want your meals to sing.

Throughout the store, we have a wide variety of foods to make your visit a one-stop shop and a famous Milwaukee Grocery. From pasta and sauce and rice options to a yummy container of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Plus, we’ve got sweet treats, frozen seafood, fresh produce, deli choices galore and so much more. We’ve got your lunch, dinner and entertaining options covered too!

As you wander the aisles, you’ll notice something important. At Bunzel’s, we have a HUGE focus on flavor. From spices, rubs and marinades to sauces and dressings, there’s an abundance for you to choose — from famous and flavorful to smoky, spicy and sweet – our Milwaukee Grocery has it all. We even have our own Bunzel’s brand of sauces and dressings – try one and you’ll be hooked.

Whether you’re looking to season your fresh steaks and chops or spice up your shrimp or smoke up your barbeque, you’ll find what you need lining the shelves at Bunzel’s.

If you’re not a believer yet, let’s talk cheese. We’re committed to having plentiful and flavorful options. We take great care to select a wide variety of fresh packaged and block cheeses to complement your meal of choice. All Bunzel’s selections come from local Wisconsin cheese makers. There are amazing cheese producers in Wisconsin such as Shullsburg Creamery, Vern’s and Widmer’s Cheeses.

Our partners are dedicated to the highest quality, perfectly aged cheeses. They are among best-in-class for flavor and excellence in quality. Our selections include tried and true favorites like Colby, Colby Jack, Aged Cheddar, Baby Swiss and Mozzarella to Brie and Muenster. For any gathering, enjoy our delicious spreadable cheeses like Port Wine or homemade cheese curds as an appetizer!

We encourage you to ask our staff for pairings and recommendations, your taste buds will thank you later. Don’t be shy. If you need cooking tips, our staff is happy to help with that too.

A meal always tastes so much better when it’s well prepared and cooked to perfection!

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